About my blog.

I will write one thing I realized about my blog today.

When I started this blog about a month ago, I decided to write what I wanted to write and I placed 4 categories… Mind, travel, minimalism, yoga and recently I added lifestyle.

Even though I have written in each category, I realized what I want to write is mainly about mind, and so I change my policy about this blog.

I will write what I feel through travel, minimalism, yoga, and lifestyle. This blog is mainly about mind but not the others.

I am a traveler but I’m not the type of traveler which people usually imagine.

I am a minimalist but I won’t explain what minimalism is.

I am a yoga practitioner but I won’t give you information about yoga studios and poses.

I have an unusual lifestyle but I will write what I feel through this lifestyle.

If you visit my blog as a travel blog, a minimalism blog, a yoga blog, or a lifestyle blog, you might be disappointed. That is why I inform you about my new policy of this blog.

Anyway, thank you so much for visiting and reading.


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