The sign from intuition.

When we follow our intuitions and join the good flow of them, they give us a sign.

I got an idea by intuition 2 days ago. It’s to make a name card. I didn’t know why I got this idea but I decided to follow my intuition.

As the first step, I made my original logo on a design website yesterday and I was thinking about the second step this morning.

By the way, I go to a cafe for a nice coffee latte every morning. When I enjoyed having a latte at my favorite cafe as usual this morning, a kiwi couple came. We met at this cafe recently and we enjoy chatting when we meet.

Mr. Husband handed a small card to my man. It was written something… “3.5 Billion passengers, 37.5 Million flights”. These are the number of passengers and flights for a year. We had talked about it before. As I reversed the card unintentionally, it was his name card!

“This is a sign!!”

Why did he give us the card at this timing? Anyway I got a chance to exchange cards!

It’s up to you if you believe this or not.

Our intuitions always give us a sign by an interesting way beyond our imaginations.


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