The useful idea of the Minimalist.

The idea of the minimalist is simple and efficient.

It’s really useful in many situations, for example to manage multiple projects at work, to clean and tidy up the house, to make a plan for traveling, etc…

Here are the points of the idea:

1. Know the details.

2. Think of a work flow from start to finish.

3. Simulate this flow in your head.

4. Carry out this simulation.


For example, when managing a work project:

1. Know the details of your projects.  The number of projects, the weights, the time limits…etc

2. Think of a work flow for your projects.  Considering all the aspects of point 1, decide the priority and think of a flow for your projects.

3. Simulate the flow of Point 2 in your head clearly.

4. Carry out the simulation of Point 3.

Point 2 and 3 is very important. If you think the flow is not good or the simulation is stuck, you need to change and try them again.

Time has a limit. How about finishing what you have to do with efficiency? You need to enjoy your free time!


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