The Little France in Noosa.

I went out for birthday party tonight. “Happy Birthday Graeme!!”

It’s The French Bistro “La Riviera” is owned by a french couple. As symbolizing their nice and friendly character, the atmosphere of this bistro is really comfortable and the food is fabulous! I understand why locals recommend this bistro.

I had Bouillabaisse which is a traditional food of Marseille. It was just awesome. I want to explain how delicious it is, but it’s really hard because it’s delicious beyond description.

I knew Bouillabaisse is a famous food in South France but I didn’t have any more information, so I asked the chef’s wife about it.

“Long time ago when fishermen in Marseille came back from a day fishing, they sold fishes. But when some fishes were left, they stewed all fishes together. That was the beginning of Bouillabaisse. Now we add some herbs for example saffron in the soup to flavor and enjoy having this with Rouille**.”

**Rouille is a spicy sauce which is often used in the food of Provence.

It’s an interesting story and she also recommended to have Casserole which is another french traditional food. I heard this recipe was made 300 years ago.

I should try Casserole and others in this little France in Noosa.

The French Bistro “La Riviera”   239-245 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville 4566


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