My Second Language.

English is my second language. I use English as main language in my daily life.

But I can’t speak English well, I’m not good at talking with someone in English, and it takes minimum an hour or maximum 2-3 hours to write a blog.

Although I had studied English at school for 8 years at least and have kept learning English by myself, my English skill haven’t improved at all. I wasn’t sure why for a long time.

In the past few months I have felt I start understanding English. Actually I enjoy chatting with locals and write a blog in English. Why?

Because I realized an important thing. It’s too obvious and simple.

Language is a communication tool. Language is a tool to express or communicate my feelings and thoughts, and to understand other person’s one with the sounds and the letters. I mean, I need to express or communicate what I feel or think with my heart, and I also need to understand what others feel or think with my heart.

When we try to express something very hard, it will touch person’s heart because we do it with our heart and others are also impressed with their heart. Language is the same. Language without our heart doesn’t get to anyone’s heart.

It’s hard for me to use English but it will be a lucky language to change my world.


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