My best place, Noosa.

Noosa is a small beach town in the Sunshine Coast region of South East Queensland, Australia.

Talking of Noosa, almost all people think of Noosa Heads. Noosa Heads is a popular spot for tourists with the stunning beach, luxury hotels, nice restaurants and shops.

Noosaville is 5 minutes drive from Noosa Heads. I’ve been staying by the Noosa River in this area. Although there are some restaurants and holiday apartments by the riverside, mainly locals live here. It’s a really calm and peaceful place.

I’m a visitor here but I’m not a visitor because I rarely go to the beach, eat out, and go for shopping as visitors usually do.

I go to yoga studio and do yoga with locals. I have a coffee latte at my favorite cafe and chat with staff and local customers. I get vegetables, fruits, and others at a supermarket and cook by myself. I go for a walk by the riverside.

The lifestyle here is not exciting like a city’s one but because of without noise, I feel everyday is fresh, I’m impressed with various things even if it’s a very tiny thing, and best of all my mind feels free.

Noosa makes me come back here anytime.


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