The Universe makes the Spring Tide.

About 9:30pm, last night. (Noosa, QLD, Australia)

I went for a walk by the Noosa River. It was a full moon night and I could see the spring tide. Not exactly, I should say I could feel the spring tide.

The spring tide is when the difference between high tide and low tide becomes the biggest and it happens at new moon and full moon.

It was a breezy night and the flowing river made a cozy sound. The water level was higher than usual, the beach got narrow and most of the rocks along the bank were covered with seawater. It was a completely different view.

The spring tide results from the gravitation of the moon and the sun on the earth and the centrifugal force of the earth.

It might be just the spring tide but when I think of this magnificent phenomenon of the universe, I can’t stop feeling human beings are very tiny and the universe makes a deep impression on me.


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