What will you do to find your happiness?

What is your happiness?

Having a luxury car, expensive jewelry or a large house? Getting a lot of money or high social status?

When we get these things, we might think it’s our happiness, but usually it doesn’t continue for long and we try to get other things to find new happiness. One day we realize these things never make us happy.


Because we are forced to admit we feel something in our minds…”a sense of emptiness”.

Finally we stop getting the things to remove “a sense of emptiness” and decide to change our life.


Here is the question.

Why can’t we find happiness from the things? Why do we feel “a sense of emptiness” even though we get the things?

Originally we might be happy…when we were born, we already might have been happy, so we don’t need to get anything from outside us. But we didn’t know it because nobody told us about it, almost all people think we have to get something to be happy.


What will you do to find your happiness?


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