Happiness has already been in the hands of you.

“If I get such and such, everything will go well…”

Are you thinking of this kind of thing now?


I saw a toddler today.

She was laughing all the time and looked so happy.

What she was doing was just to run at full speed.

Then I thought happiness is like this.


If you are suffering in your life, you might be making it complicated.

Live like a toddler.

Happiness has already been in the hands of you.

The Courage To Be Disliked

The Courage To Be Disliked

This is the title of the book I read at the moment.

This book is originally a Japanese edition which has become a bestseller in Japan. When I found this book at a favorite bookstore accidentally, I was glad, excited and bought it, even though I’ve already read.

The contents are about individual psychology I’m interested in.

About ten years ago, when I suffered from a certain thing, a friend of mine recommended me one book. It was written by a Japanese psychological counselor and I came to be interested in psychology through the book. This author is now my favorite psychological counselor. His idea resembles the idea of individual psychology.

The author of “The courage to be disliked” is a different Japanese psychologist who is the foremost authority on research of individual psychology in Japan.

I like the idea of individual psychology and extremely sympathize with it. On the other hand, I think some people can understand the idea but some people can’t.

I enjoy reading this book and it also serves as English study. Actually I translate one section into Japanese, understand its content, and then read it aloud to my man every night. It’s a special mission.

Therefore I began studying English, Finally!

Well, what were we talking about…??

“The Courage To Be Disliked”   written by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga

I restarted practicing yoga today.

I restarted practicing yoga today.

Three weeks had passed since I stopped doing yoga. It was a long time to wait for recovery. Although a teacher said three weeks wasn’t so long and no worries, I felt a big difference.

What I thought during class is I like yoga because I feel like mind and body connect. My consciousness moves from outside of me to inside and it’s like I meditate deeply. (Actually I’m not good at meditating in the normal way, though…)

I am basically happy, and I am happier when I do yoga. I’m still an unskilled yogi, but I’d like to say these words…

Yoga is my life!


Ah well, I wish…

I have seen a physiotherapist since last Friday. (I stopped going to chiropractic because I read some articles about a fatal accident of chiropractic and I became scared very much.)

Actually it was ascertained that I also have an injury to my left knee. I just have felt something is wrong with my knee and asked a doctor about it casually. So the doctor said my knee has damage. I was surprised because it wasn’t sore at all! (Fortunately it’s not serious.)

Anyway now I have a treatment for my arm and knee, and I do some exercise for them twice a day at home. I feel they are getting better day by day. If they get well soon, I might be able to restart practicing yoga in a week!! Human beings can do our best for favorite things.

Ah well, I wish I can put my heart into my English study…